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Chilmark Builders came into existence in November of 2004.  It was started by Lew and Diana James.  Lew has 50 years of experience in Construction.  He has built dog houses, high-rises and everything in between! Diana grew up on construction sites as her father had his own Construction company.  

From the beginning, it was decided that quality was our priority. We employ the finest subcontractors in our area. Our subcontractors share our philosophy of once and done.  We enjoy a very low warranty call-back and ones we do get are considered very minor in nature and are handled with all the speed various schedules allow.  Even though it is not required in Wilson County, as part of our commitment to our customers we insist on our homes being inspected  by an independent, licensed TREC Inspector in 3 phases.  This insures that we correct any oversights.  We believe this is one main reason we have few calls for warranty issues.

We have been blessed to have built our homes in several subdivisions in the La Vernia area over our 11 year history. Some were well-established, but forgotten and others virtually brand new.  We have been fortunate to find tree-filled lots, mostly, to add to the benefit of our homes, their beauty and efficiency.  

We enjoy an excellent reputation built on customer satisfaction. We look forward to the opportunity to build your new home.

Thank you for considering a Chilmark Builders home!!!

In addition, Chilmark Builders, LLC is now a member of the Greater SA Builders Association!!!

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